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Now Buildings EOFY Sale 2020

By May 11, 2020October 14th, 2021No Comments

Now Buildings EOFY Sale 2020

It's finally that time of year again! The Now Buildings EOFY Sale has begun and this year the savings are better than ever!
We have some amazing prices and deals across our entire range of farm, business and industrial sheds.  Whether you’re after a hay and fodder shed, a machinery shed, a storage shed or a work shed, we’ve got you covered (literally)!

Our sheds are designed and manufactured here in Australia and we have not experienced any delays in our supply chain due to the COVID-19 situation.  So for superior quality that you can trust, nab yourself a brand new Now Buildings Shed this end of financial year.

It’s not just our sale that’s making this EOFY a memorable one. The Australian Government has increased the Instant Asset Write-Off (IAWO) threshold from $30,000 to $150,000 on purchases made before 30 June 2020. They’ve also expanded access to the IAWO to include all businesses with an aggregated annual turnover of less than $500 million (up from $50 million last financial year).

This means Australian businesses will be able to immediately deduct the cost of eligible assets under $150,000 this financial year.  The threshold can be applied to multiple assets, so businesses will be able to immediately write off multiple asset purchases, rather than depreciating them over time

Instant asset write off for sheds

So what does this mean for you?
  • If you are a Primary Producer, any size hay or fodder storage shed you purchase is 100% deductible in the year of purchase! If your business is in a loss position, then this increased loss arising from the immediate write off can be carried forward to future income years, meaning the deduction is not lost.
  • If you are a Primary Producer and are purchasing the storage shed for other uses, and not for fodder storage, then you still may be able to claim an immediate deduction for up to $150,000 + GST!*
    *Please check with your accountant or financial adviser regarding your eligibility.

If you are a Primary Producer, you can take advantage of this government incentive with one of our Hay and Fodder Sheds.  There are no restrictions on the size or cost of your shed, as long as it is used primarily and principally to store fodder. Check out the amazing EOFY prices on our Farmers Mate and Hay Mate for the perfect Hay and Fodder Storage Shed for you. You can learn more about the Hay and Fodder tax incentive here.  If you’re still tossing up whether a Hay and Fodder Storage Shed is right for you, check out the ‘Top 5 Benefits of the Now Buildings Hay and Fodder Sheds’.

If it’s machinery you’re looking to purchase this end of financial year, don’t forget about the shed! A dedicated machinery shed is crucial to keeping your machinery in good working condition for years to come.  Don’t let your new machinery depreciate in value just because it’s sitting outside unprotected.  We’ve got massive savings on a number of our dedicated machinery sheds this end of financial year.  Check out the Fleet Protection, Mammoth Openings and Perfect Industrial.  You can also read about the cost benefits of a dedicated machinery shed here.

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