Builders Testimonials

At Now Buildings, we pride ourselves on keeping every one of our builders happy. By supplying quality sheds, that are quick to erect, with brilliant service. We have received lots of glowing builder testimonials, take a look for yourself!

Kerry B

Now Buildings sheds are a great product to put together. The kits are extremely accurate and very high quality.

Kerry B, TAS

Ben R

Now Buildings are a great company to deal with. The sheds are high quality and easy to build.

Ben R, TAS

Glen M

We love building Now Buildings Sheds, they provide an accurate great quality Australian product. They are fast to follow up on any queries, and their buildings arrive on site in excellent condition. Good Strong Buildings.

Glen M, VIC

Warren C

The team at Now Buildings are easy to get along with, I’ve had no trouble at all with them - everybody is lovely to deal with. Their sheds are very high quality and a great product to work with.

Warren C, NSW

Adam C

A great shed with a solid bracketing system ensuring easy construction with a minimum of fuss.

Adam C, NSW

Kevin B

We have been building sheds for decades and in recent years we have been building for Now Buildings customers. They are easy to build, strong and everything is there. Now Buildings are ahead of the pack when it comes to sheds.

Kevin B, QLD

Daniel K

Really good sheds to build. The shed kits are accurate and they are great quality.

Daniel K, QLD

Joel S

I am very impressed by the quality of their product compared to some others on the market. Their sheds are well designed. All the team at Now Buildings are great to deal with.

Joel S, SA

Tim S

Now Buildings supply a neat product with great customer support. As one of their trusted preferred builders, I can honestly recommend Now Buildings to anyone looking to purchase a new shed.

Tim S, WA


We only use 100% Bluescope Steel in our buildings for its superior strength & durability