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Not Just A Shed; A Now Buildings Shed

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Not Just A Shed; A Now Buildings Shed

Now Buildings specialises in large farm sheds for ABN holders. Our sheds are 100% BlueScope Steel & 100% Australian made. We design our sheds to your site and in some regions beat terrain category requirements by 30%.

Not Just A Shed; A Now Buildings Shed
At Now Buildings, we don’t just build sheds; we strive to provide our customers with as much value as possible with their purchases. We understand that every purchase you make for your property is an investment, and we want to ensure that you’re making a suitable shed investment for your needs.

With a combined experience of 50 years, our team understands the unique needs of our customers and will work with you to design a site-specific building that will not just meet your needs but exceed your expectations for years to come.

Not just some BlueScope Steel; 100% BlueScope Steel
We use only the highest grade of steel available for construction from BlueScope. Their tried and tested products have seen the design of a product truly made to withstand the Australian climate. We don’t use ‘some’ Bluescope Steel; we use BlueScope Steel for our internal & structural components (Galvaspan), our roof & wall sheeting (Lysaght Custom Orb or Trimdek), and our finishes (Zincalume or Colorbond).

Not just meeting the compliance code; beating it!
The Australian standards allow for sheds constructed on rural properties to be designed to Importance level 1, which is designed only to withstand 1 in 100-year winds. Now Buildings design all our rural sheds to Importance level 2, which is designed to withstand a 1 in 500-year winds. With stronger winds and unpredictable storms more common, your shed needs to be able to withstand a real beating. This is why we don’t just meet the compliance code; we beat it with an Importance Level 2, because we understand how valuable your farm equipment is and how your shed needs to handle rural conditions.

We don’t occasionally offer farm sheds; we specialise in farm sheds.
Our brochures and website show we don’t provide carports, garages or garden sheds. Farm sheds aren’t among our many offerings; they are our major offering. Our sheds are built from the ground up with farming & rural environments in mind, for example, if you need uninterrupted space, we can design a shed with no knee braces for additional clearance. To achieve this, our haunch & apex brackets are 35% increased in size for greater strength in our column & rafter connection without sacrificing space.

Not just partly Australian made; 100% Australian made.
Now Buildings is 100% Australian family owned and our sheds use 100% Australian BlueScope steel and are 100% Australian made. In every step of your shed production process, you deal with locals who you can talk to and who understand Australia’s challenges. Being local means we design your shed for an Australian climate, with fewer part-picking errors & no offshore customer support. Plus, we’re supporting both local & national businesses.

Not just a few large sheds; only large sheds.
We only provide sheds greater than 120m2, with our smallest being Compact Business, Tough Triple & Value Plus. As we specialise in only large sheds, it means we can focus on solid design at scale. We only supply sheds with high tensile bolts, class 4 fasteners, gutters & downpipes, heavy-duty connections and footings. All our steel materials are manufactured using strong high tensile Australian BlueScope. What does this mean for our customers? It means that we can provide a more robust shed at a lower price because we manufacture in bulk using readily available and tested materials.

Not just discounts for ABN holders; we exclusively sell to ABN holders.
Now Buildings deals exclusively with ABN holders on a business-to-business basis, which means farmers and other business customers can buy a premium quality Australian shed at a wholesale price. We also work hard to keep our overheads low to maximise the savings we pass on to our customers.

Not just designed to your specifications; designed to your site.
All Now Buildings sheds come with site-specific engineering. We understand that because all farms are different, so should the sheds. An independent engineer signs every shed’s Engineering Plans to ensure that we meet the requirements of your property and that your shed will last.

This is why it’s not just a shed; it’s a Now Buildings shed.

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