Farm shed prices that are tough to beat

Now Buildings’ sheds are manufactured using only 100% Australian made steel, and our wholesale prices provide significant savings on all our products. Our customers can select from our extensive range of pre-designed sheds or create plans to suit their needs knowing they’re receiving 100% Australian made and owned at a competitive price.

With experience in farming and rural properties, our team understand different farm and livestock requirements, while staying up to date with developments and the dynamic farming landscape. Whether your priority is clearance height for your machinery shed, specific bay size for your dairy shed, or impact protection for your hay shed, Now Buildings can create a shed system to match your specific needs.

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Your new farm shed can be designed to be any length, width span, height, number of bays or features that you may need and if your requirements change down the track, your Now Buildings shed can change too. Each end column and internal column of your new shed is uniform, enabling you to add bays and other options onto your shed at a later date. Our specialised knee, apex, cross bracing and fly bracing give you the ability to select a custom shed height and extend your shed’s bay widths by increments of 100mm. No matter the size shed you choose, you can have total peace of mind knowing our unique, engineer-designed brackets and heavy-duty connections will provide maximum structural integrity for your shed.

A sound shed is built from the ground up, and the Now Buildings universal footing bracket system has been designed with the end-user in mind. Your shed kit comes with one uniform footing bracket style and size, with the same brackets used across all differing column dimensions. Following our illustrated guide, you or your builder simply match the pre-punched base bolt holes and fasten them together to assemble your footings to the required column size.

Every new Now Buildings shed comes as a flat-pack building kit, to keep customer costs down and enable safe and straightforward delivery or collection once manufactured. Purchasing in kit form allows you to stay on top of your budget and build your new shed on your own terms, when it best suits you. Once your kit is on-site, our shed-specific, detailed construction manuals and inserts will guide you through the building process, from the initial pack check, to affixing your flashings to your shed at the end of your build.

All shed steel members arrive punched for your convenience, which minimises drilling on-site and ensures your frame will be constructed in the position it’s intended to be. A generous wastage factor ensures that you also don’t have to dig around in the mud in search of fallen bolts. Additionally, all connection framing bolts are class 8.8 flange purlin bolts, which reduces time during your installation as there’s no need to count and assemble your bolt and washers each fixing!

We sell direct to farmers and ABN customers, enabling significant savings on all our sheds and products. To take advantage of our wholesale prices, follow the link to view our range of robust farm sheds and our latest specials.

Inferior products such as coating protection will crack under the pressure of these elements. However, 30 years of testing and development means that Colorbond Steel is built to last, just like our sheds.