Why choose a Now Building shed?

With more than 40 years of combined experience, Now Buildings has developed and engineered a unique, easy-to-build and strong shed system that can be delivered to most regions of Australia. In addition, we provide the most exceptional customer service and ensure you have everything you need from the moment you enquire with us, right up until your building is making an impression on your property.

How does the Now Buildings' quality sheds compare to other shed companies?

Now Buildings uses 100% Australian 450-500 MPa grade BlueScope Steel combined with precision cut laser brackets, very high quality bolts and screws. Not only that, but thousands of hours have been put in working with our engineers to design the vast range of unique components that ensure that your building is here for the long run!

Do you have a display center I can see the shed I am after?

Unfortunately, we do not have any local display centres as we run solely as a building manufacturer and wholesaler. We will, however, endeavour to supply you with as many plans, images and examples as we can, to give you an idea of what will best suit your needs.

I'm not sure I feel comfortable purchasing a shed over the phone or online, what should I do?

Please speak with us! Now Buildings completely understands that this is a large purchase for you and want to ensure you feel comfortable with us from the get-go! We are willing to supply you with a comprehensive history of past sales of our impressive buildings and provide you with proof of customer references in your local area. We are also more than happy to meet you in person at our main depot and prove to you that our buildings are second to none.

Does Now Buildings offer finance?

QPF Finance Group has set up financing that may be able to assist Now Buildings customers. They have great rates on offer and are a family owned company. We can refer you to them if you would like to find out if they can offer competitive rates against your current bank or finance. Some of our clients have used their bank for finance and leasing in the past and we have been able to assist with their payments and invoicing requests.

How do I order a building?

It’s simple! Tell us what you want, how we can get it to you and we’ll do the rest!
Email us – theteam@nowbuildings.com.au
Call us – 1300 144 728
Fax us - 1300 554 882

What does the building price include?

Your Building Price includes all the necessary materials for you to have a stand-out shed on your property! This includes galvanised steel framing, Colorbond® or Zincalume® roof and wall sheeting, guttering, downpipes, brackets, screws, bolts, rivets and everything other bit and bob that you will need to have your building standing strong for many days to come. Not to mention, the price also includes your Engineer-Certified plans and specifications with all other necessary illustrated and comprehensive construction manuals included. We try to be as informative as possible, so you aren’t left feeling confused in the process.

Do I need to obtain council approval before I order my building?

As Now Buildings is an Australian-wide company we understand that every council/ shire across the nation is different and because of this, it is completely up to the customer on whether they decide to submit their building/s for approval. If unsure, we recommend to always enquire with your local council/ shire to eliminate any future issues.
Once a deposit has been made on your building, we will produce your specifically engineered building plans for you to submit to your local council/ shire.

What happens if my local council doesn't allow me to construct my building?

All of our buildings come with site-specific engineering plans and offers an unbeatable Subject to Council Approval Guarantee. This means that we will refund you 100% of the deposit amount if the building does not pass your local council/ shire. This inevitably minimises the risk out of your purchase when buying a building with us.

What wind rating region are Now Buildings sheds designed for?

Now Buildings design their buildings to ensure they have the capabilities of suiting the majority of sites across Australia. If you are unsure of your site’s Wind Rating, it is best to enquire with your local council/ shire.

Are the buildings designed to be built on a slab or concrete footings?

Our buildings are engineer-designed to use in-slab high-tensile brackets. This process secures the column to the concrete which significantly reduces movement or sway when compared to the usage of on-slab brackets. You can also note that another benefit of our bracket system is that it enables hinging of the upper column for ease of construction. These are just some of the many gains that you will experience with using in-slab high-tensile brackets.

What guarantees do you offer on all your buildings?

All of our building’s come with BlueScope Steel guarantees and warranties. You may like to see what your building can offer you through the following website: http://warranties.bluescopesteel.com.au

Now Buildings also guarantees all of our customers that we will provide you with exceptional service throughout the whole process from the time you enquire with us right up until your shed is making an impression on your neighbourhood.

How long will it take for my building to be delivered to my site?

With over 26 depots across Australia, we endeavour to have your building produced and delivered to you as soon as we possibly can. It will take approximately 6-8 weeks to have your screws, brackets and steel manufactured, packed and sent your way.

Do you deliver anywhere in Australia?

We deliver to most locations across Australia. Please call us on 1300 144 728 and enquire on whether we service your area. However, if you are or know a bloke with a truck it may be even easier to organise a pick-up at one of our 21 depots across Australia reducing your building price significantly!

How is the building packaged when delivered?

When the building kit is delivered to you it will be flat-packed. Over many years of testing, our depots have ensured that their consolidating practices are efficient and effective to eliminate possible damages to the steel components. Your building kit will be shrink-wrapped and labelled to ensure you can identify the components.

Can Now Buildings build my shed?

Now Buildings are in the business to supply high-quality building kits to ABN Holders at outstanding Value. We do supply detailed plans and instructions but if you do require an experienced builder in our system then we can provide you details on one of 20 plus builders on our list, Some of these builders are registered builders and others are just very experienced shed builders.

You should check with your council with what approvals and builder registration is required. If you are going to be an owner-builder please be aware that there may be costs or requirements involved.

What happens if I have a construction or technical related question?

Now Buildings will be able to help you! We have a team of Construction Coordinators that can promptly assist you over the phone or by email. Please call us on 1300 144 728 and follow the prompts.

How can I save money when purchasing a shed?

We have accelerated over the past seven years of operation to create a low-cost operating system with a buying power that exceeds well over 10 Million Dollars with our 100% Australian Steel Suppliers.

To find out how we can save you a packet, call one of our experienced consultants on 1300 144 728 or email us for more information.