Australian Steel Hay Sheds and Covers

Now Buildings Hay Sheds have been specifically designed to keep your hay out of the elements and in great condition for your livestock. Let us know your hay storage needs and we will design a hay shed to suit you.

The Perfect Shed to store your Hay under

The Now Buildings Hay Shed is the newest addition to our range of quality farm sheds available to farmers at wholesale prices. Hay is one of the most valuable assets to a livestock farmer, especially in uncertain weather conditions that may leave you without alternative feeding options. To ensure your hay is stored safely and securely, check out a Now Buildings Hay Shed today. Getting the right shed to store your hay in is crucial to keeping it in top condition for your livestock. That’s why our dedicated Hay Shed has been specifically designed to safely store hay out of the sun, wind, rain and other harsh environmental conditions.

Versatile Extendable

Versatile Extendable

From $26,770 $26,770 $28,060 $29,450 (incl. GST)

The Versatile Extendable Shed is the shed that can grow with you. With 5 bays this shed has ample storage and can easily be added to in the future.

  • W 15m (50’)   L 22.5m (75’)   H 5.1m (17’)
  • No. 2 x 15m open gables x 4.5m bays
  • Roof Zincalume®   Wall Zincalume®
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Hay Mate

Hay Mate

From $13,650 $13,650 $14,300 $15,020 (incl. GST)

The Hay Mate is perfect for small to medium hay & machinery storage requirements. Featuring include 2 large 10m openings and ample overhead clearance.

  • W 10m (33')   L 13.5m (45')   H 5.1m (17')
  • No. 2 x 10m open gables x 4.5m bays
  • Roof Zincalume®   Wall Zincalume®
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Protect Your Most Important Resource

The biggest difference between a Now Buildings Hay Shed and others available on the market is the attention to detail in our design. Our dedicated Hay Sheds have no knees and therefore have free spanning width. This means you can get your machinery in and out of the shed for loading and unloading without fear of hitting the frame and causing damage to the structure. This also means you have more room to stack your hay, allowing effective airflow through your shed and avoiding moisture build up. For this same reason, we’ve kept our design open and well ventilated to help prevent the likelihood of mould or fires caused by the spontaneous combustion of hay bales.


The moisture produced from the storage of hay can become corrosive to inferior materials. That’s why it’s important that the shed you choose to protect your hay is made from high quality, galvanised steel, such as BlueScope steel. We use BlueScope Lysaght Australian made Steel in all our sheds for its durability, strength, and 25 year warranty. In our dedicated Hay Shed, the use of BlueScope steel provides an aesthetically pleasing, non-corrosive environment to safely store your hay.
Like our other sheds, our dedicated Hay Shed is customisable to suit you and your farms needs. Our sales team can assist you in determining what the best length, width span, height and number of bays are best for your Hay Shed. With a Now Buildings shed, you can always extend in the future.

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Steel Supply Bluescope Steel

We only use 100% Bluescope Steel in our buildings for its superior strength & durability