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NCC Update 2022

By May 18, 2023November 13th, 2023No Comments

NCC Update 2022

Significant changes have been made to the building industry with the National Construction Code Update 2022 coming into effect on the 1st of May, 2023.

NCC Update 2022
Significant changes have been made to the building industry with the National Construction Code Update 2022 coming into effect on the 1st of May, 2023. The National Construction Code (NCC) is a document that outlines the technical requirements for buildings in Australia, published by the Australian Building Code Board. The NCC sets the minimum required level for the safety, health, amenity, accessibility and sustainability of buildings across Australia.

As one of Australia’s leading shed companies, following the NCC guidelines is of utmost importance to us at Now Buildings. We pride ourselves on providing our customers with sheds that will stand up to anything. To do this, we ensure we not only meet the requirements of the NCC, but exceed them where possible. This is how our sheds have been able to stand up to the unpredictable Australian weather time and time again.

Though the NCC document is revised yearly, some significant changes have been made in the 2022 update regarding wind classifications. Some of these changes include; new wind region maps, new terrain categories, modified ways of calculating internal pressures, extra ‘climate change based’ modifiers and wind direction modifiers. Our engineering team is following the updated NCC guidelines, and all sheds quoted from 1st May 2023 adhere to the new standards.

How will this affect the next Now Buildings shed you purchase?

For some, the NCC Update 2022 will affect the wind region your property falls under. For others, it may mean the way we calculate wind loads for your area has been changed. This is because the Australian wind regions map has changed, with new regions being introduced. Climate change modifiers have also been introduced for some regions. These changes have been implemented to help account for changes in climate that may produce extreme winds during the life of your shed.

In most cases, it is the wind calculations that define what materials and members we need to use in your shed design to ensure it is strong enough to stand up to the weather in your area. Although the changes outlined by the NCC Update 2022 may mean you require a heavier frame for your shed and therefore a more expensive build, it also means your shed will be engineered to survive changing weather conditions in your area.

Generally, the standards aim to make the wind calculations more accurate for the location of the building. Depending on your location, you could end up with a more or less expensive build than previous years.

The best way to find out if these changes will affect your next shed build is to talk to our friendly Sales team. They will be able to provide you with up to date information and competitive pricing on your next Now Buildings shed.

If you have already been quoted for a shed and are waiting for your council to approve your plans, you may need to make amendments if you are in a region where changes to wind calculations have been implemented.

The information above is how Now Buildings understands the changes, you should check with your local authorities.

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