If your farm or business relies on machinery to operate, a dedicated machinery shed is not only a smart move, but a necessary one. 6408246585
Cost Benefits of a Dedicated Machinery Shed

Cost Benefits of a Dedicated Machinery Shed

If your farm or business relies on machinery to operate, a dedicated machinery shed is not only a smart move, but a necessary one.
If your farm or business relies on machinery to operate, a dedicated machinery shed is not only a smart move, but a necessary one.   Machinery is usually the most expensive and most important asset on a farm, and if not stored properly, can often be the hardest and most expensive to fix. 
Checkout the top 5 ways a dedicated machinery shed will save you and your business money:

1. The Weather Won’t Affect Your Machinery

Australia faces extremely harsh weather conditions, ranging from severe drought with extremely high temperatures, to severe storms and floods. Whether it’s rain, hail or shine, the elements can do long lasting damage to your machinery and equipment. 

  • Machinery left out in the sun for extended periods of time can suffer heat damage; increasing the risk of breakdown due to overheating and causing unnecessary wear on rubber parts, hoses, oil and lubricants. No matter how well maintained your machinery is, exposure to extreme heat can and will cause the engine to overheat.
  • Keeping machinery clean and dry is crucial to keeping it in good condition.  Leaving machinery outside in the cold or rain can lead to corrosion, water damage and rust.

The Triple Mammoth at Tinamba TurfPictured: A dedicated machinery shed keeps this turf farm operating efficiently. 

2. Longer Periods Between Maintenance, Services and Replacement

Keeping your machinery and equipment well maintained is paramount to running a well organised agricultural business or farm. Poorly maintained machinery can break down at the worst of times and cause delays in harvesting, affecting productivity and ultimately, income.  Leaving machinery out in the elements can undo all the time and money spent maintaining it.  Make sure you get the most out of maintenance and services costs by storing your machinery safely undercover after use.

3. Your Machinery Will Last Longer

If your machinery is serviced regularly and stored safely undercover, it will last longer. Hoses are particularly susceptible to sun damage and if not looked after properly can cause damage to sensitive machinery.  Save money on replacement machinery and parts by keeping your machinery stored undercover and out of the weather.  Treating your machinery with care will ensure it lasts years.  

he Triple Mammoth with the Lean-to on the rightPictured: This dedicated machinery shed is one of our Triple Mammoths with an added Lean-to.

4. Help Keep Your Machinery Clean

 It’s part and parcel for machinery to get dirty when used, but it shouldn’t stay that way.  Dirty machinery can make it difficult to spot signs of wear and tear or impending problems, such as oil leaks.  This can then lead to breakdowns during crucial harvesting time that could have been avoided.  Keep your machinery in good condition by cleaning it after use and storing it undercover where it will stay clean.  

5. Keep Your Property and Business Organised

Having a specific place for your machinery and spare parts helps keep your property clear and equipment organised.  A dedicated machinery shed allows you to have a set place for everything, making it easier to locate and use when needed.  This is especially true for businesses or farms that have multiple machine operators.  

We’ve spoken to a number of our customers about their machinery and they have all agreed that building a dedicated machinery shed has saved them valuable time and money. One such customer is Steve Struss, owner of one of the leading turf farms in Australia, Tinamba Turf.  Steve’s business relies on the use of multiple machines and operators and so it is paramount that his machines are kept safe and organised in a dedicated machinery shed.  Check out the video below to hear more about Steve’s Triple Mammoth dedicated machinery shed and how it has improved the operational efficiency of his business. 

Stephen Struss Testimonial (1)


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