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A Guide to Flood and Fire Protection for Your Now Buildings Shed

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A Guide to Flood and Fire Protection for Your Now Buildings Shed

Australia's summer is renowned for its festive warmth, balmy Christmas, prawns, and juicy mangoes. However, it also presents challenges, with extreme weather events like floods, fires, heatwaves, hail, and thunderstorms a common occurrence across the country.

Providing flood and fire protection for your assets during extreme weather is more achievable than you might think. It starts with selecting the right shed for your location and implementing preventive measures year-round.

Check out our guide below to providing flood and fire protection for your shed.

1. Choosing the Right Shed Design Matters

Now Buildings Superior Design

Whether facing floods, fires, or other weather extremes, the key is to opt for a shed design that can withstand the challenge. At Now Buildings, our engineers prioritise resilience against extreme weather. Our sheds surpass the Buildings Code of Australia requirements, boasting Importance Level 2 and Terrain Category 2 certifications. This means they can endure 1:500 non-cyclonic and cyclonic winds, even in open terrain. Your assets stay safe under the robust protection of Now Buildings sheds.

Read more about the Now Buildings Difference here.

2. Non-Combustible Materials

Australian-Made BlueScope Steel

Now Buildings constructs sheds using 100% Australian-made BlueScope Steel, known for its durability in the harshest conditions. BlueScope’s Colorbond, Zincalume, and Galvaspan Steel materials are rigorously tested for flammability, earning them a non-combustible status. This aligns with the NCC 2022 update criteria, ensuring that your shed remains a safe haven even during fire threats.

Read more about our use of BlueScope Lysaght products here and about Lysaght’s flammability testing here. 

3. Strategic Site Selection

Choose Your Site Wisely

The location of your shed significantly influences its vulnerability to extreme weather. Opt for a slightly elevated position to prevent water ingress. If this isn’t feasible, create an elevated site, if possible, on a concrete slab.  A concrete slab will serve as both a flood-resistant measure and as a ‘firebreak’, as concrete is a non-combustible material. Gravel surrounding the shed is another consideration for added protection from fire.

If your shed site is in a known flood area, talk to one of our Product Managers, as they can provide tailored solutions for sheds in flood-prone areas.

4. Preventative Measures to Fortify Your Shed

Clear Space Around Your Shed

Regularly clear dry leaves, vegetation, and combustible materials from around your shed to reduce fire risks.

Maintain Gutters and Downpipes

Ensure gutters are free of leaves to prevent fire embers from accumulating. This practice also aids effective rainwater drainage during heavy seasons.

Regular Roof Inspections

Periodically inspect your shed’s roof to detect and address leaks promptly.

Safe Storage Practices

Steer clear of storing flammable items in your shed, especially if the shed is used for hay and fodder storage. Keep hay sheds free of flammable liquids, pesticides, and fertilisers, and refrain from co-storing machinery and hay to prevent the risk of ignition from hot exhausts and machinery sparks.

If your shed serves as a designated area for flammable materials, ensure proper labelling and signposting for items like gas cylinders, chemicals, and poisons. Prioritise safety in your shed storage practices

Elevated Storage

Keep valuables off the ground by using shelves. This precaution minimises damage in case water enters the shed.

Emergency Planning

Have an emergency plan in place, including sandbags for flood-prone areas and clear evacuation strategies.

Check in with your Local Authority

Remember to check with your local authorities for region-specific guidelines and recommendations on preparedness. 

By making informed choices and taking proactive steps, you can provide flood and fire protection for your shed and the assets stored inside it. 

Don’t just choose a shed; choose a Now Buildings shed – fortified, reliable, and resilient.

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